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Many of you would be knowing that I am pretty new to art myself, I just started painting in September 2019, however, since then I have been asked by so many people from all over the world as to how I manage to sell my art. So I thought about sharing my knowledge with my fellow artists and hopefully, these pointers might help many of you.

These are all my own tried and tested methods, it may or may not work for you but its definitely worth a shot. I worked in corporate and marketing for over 10 years and over time have identified certain methods to be used to get people to know about you.

1. Having a good website

I cannot stress much as to how important it is to have a good website. It speaks professionalism, period. If you are really serious about your art as a business, it is very important to make your presence known out there and the one place you can freely do it is your own website. Think of your website as your very own private art gallery to start off with. Over a period of time, you will also gather content to add on there, you can put your art up for sale, and customers will know how to get in touch with you. I will talk more about essential items to have on your website in future blogs but give it a thought and if you feel it is right, invest in a good website.

2. Create a Facebook Business Page

Do you consider your art to be a business? If yes, shouldn’t you have a business page? The number of footfalls on Facebook daily is beyond my imagination. Everyone is on Facebook (except my husband :P). And it is very important to have a professional updated page with all your information on there. This is where you get to engage with your audience and this chance should not be missed. Also, there are so many online art curators who may be looking out for their next Picasso. So go get em!!

3. Have an Instagram account

Instagram is just the perfect place for artists to showcase their brilliant talent. Its a gallery after all. Make sure you have a good handle for your business (account name) and use appropriate hashtags to reach millions of people out there.

4. Update your LinkedIn profile

Since I left my job in June 2019, I was wondering what do I need a LinkedIn profile for anyways. However, updating your bio there and letting everyone know that you are an artist, makes you reach out to an even bigger audience. I do consider making art to be a full-time job, so I updated my LinkedIn accordingly. And my entire corporate circle knows whom to reach out to if they need some good art!

5. Have one style of painting

I do like doodling around and experimenting with different styles of art, however when I do create my pieces they are mostly colorful and abstract. And I guess that is my style of painting. You need to figure out what you love painting the most too and stick with it. I once overheard a curator say this “If an artist is all over the place with his/her art, he/she is a confused soul and I wouldn’t want their art hanging on my walls!” Try to stick with a single style of painting and let this flow through most of your work.

6. Meaningful Paintings

I personally always connect to a piece of art. And it’s not just the art, I connect to the story behind the art. And I have found this to be common among most of my customers, they relate to my art and hence purchase it. My art always has a story behind it, and I do believe this is a key element in making a sale. Think about it, I would not buy a canvas with just some splatters of paint on it, but if someone explained it to me better as to what those splatters mean. Something to ponder over?

7. Look for platforms to sell

I do believe there are so many platforms out there selling art that if anyone googles they would find it. Major ones include Etsy, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, Redbubble, etc. However, whichever platform you sell on, make sure you do not belittle your art and yourself. I mean, do not underestimate the worth of your art, do not settle for very high fees and commissions, so much that you barely make much. If your art is good, it will sell :)

I will talk more about your website, self-image, and several other topics in my upcoming blogs. If you feel inspired and confident about yourself it’s never too late to start from today, right now. Believe in your self and your art because everyone knows only you can create something like the way you do :)

Until next time, Cheers!!

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