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Starting an Art Business

Shaalyn Monteiro - 13 June 2020

Many of you would be knowing that I am pretty new to art myself, I just started painting in September 2019, however, since then I have been asked by so many people from all over the world as to how I manage to sell my art.

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Exploring Digital Art

Shaalyn Monteiro - 19 June 2019

Even though I am a novice artist and have just picked up my stylus about six months ago, it has been quite a smooth transition for me from traditional medium to painting online.

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What is Digital Painting

Shaalyn Monteiro - 05 June 2019

Digital painting is an art form in which traditional painting methods like painting with oils, pastels, watercolors, crayons, etc are applied to a canvas on your computer using digital tools with the help of a graphics tablet and a stylus or pen. There is also software involved to help in the selection of brushes, a particular shade of color, effects, etc.

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Flower Power

Shaalyn Monteiro - 05 April 2019

Beautiful, colorful, floral and divine. Truly nature's way of giving us a treat for sore eyes. But do we know that flowers have a much greater role than just standing there alone in your vases?

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Green Tea - The Simple Truth

Shaalyn Monteiro - 17 March 2019

So much has been said about this powerful tea, however, do we know how to choose the perfect green tea?

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The Power of Honey

Shaalyn Monteiro - 01 March 2019

Honey is probably one of the best sweeteners nature has given us. It can spruce up any fruit, cake or even tea. But how do we know if the honey we consume is actually pure and the right one for us?

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Sweet smelling Ginger root

Shaalyn Monteiro - 28 January 2019

Such a lovely smelling spice, the Ginger root, has its origins deep in Southern China. This root provides a very strong, concentrated aroma compared to other herbs.

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Garlic - Nature's underground Medicinal shop

Shaalyn Monteiro - 23 January 2019

Ever wondered how something as pungent smelling as Garlic can add flavor to your food as well as your health?

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Noni Juice

Shaalyn Monteiro - 18 January 2019

Noni Juice – Sounds familiar? I bet not. It's the latest power fruit in the market that even Miranda Kerr endorses. She apparently has this juice daily which gives her that flawless glowing skin.

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The Magic Golden Spice - Turmeric

Shaalyn Monteiro - 10 January 2019

Ever wondered how, whenever we hurt ourselves, when we were young, we would be basted with a yellow paste? This miracle spice, turmeric, has been around for centuries and still people fail to realize how brilliant the health benefits are.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Shaalyn Monteiro - 05 January 2019

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), where do I begin talking about this amazing ingredient. Although there are no scientific claims made about ACV, the health benefits have benefitted many over the years.

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