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Welcome to my world!

My name is Shaalyn Monteiro and I am an avid visual artist specializing in traditional painting on canvas using acrylics and oils. I am truly passionate about art and believe that everyone should be able to appreciate good art at affordable prices.

I very recently gave up my corporate life to pursue a career change, something that I truly love doing, which is painting. I also believe that art should be meaningful to the artist and the buyer due to which I donate 20% of my sales to charity.

It did take me a while to paint well but I do believe the results and the journey in itself has been very rewarding.

You can view my latest work here! I also take commissions, feel free to drop me a message.

I am truly happy to hear from former colleagues or just interesting creative people. If you feel you need to reach out for a quick chat, please do connect with me!

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Starting an Art Business

Many of you would be knowing that I am pretty new to art myself, I just started painting in September 2019, however, since then I have been asked by so many people from all over the world as to how I manage to sell my art.

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Exploring Digital Art

Even though I am a novice artist and have just picked up my stylus about six months ago, it has been quite a smooth transition for me from traditional medium to painting online.

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What is Digital Painting

I am sure very few of us actually understand what the art of digital painting really is. Well, I'm here to simplify that for you.

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