Egyptian Pharaoh - A digital painting by Shaalyn Monteiro

Egyptian Pharaoh

Egypt has always been a fascinating destination for me and is still on my bucket list. Here is my depiction of an Egyptian Pharaoh done in oils and mixed media. I have removed the linework from the painting.

Do we really know why they were called Pharoah? He was the most important person in the kingdom of Egypt. The Egyptians even considered them to be half-man half-God. In fact, the Ancient Egyptians believed that their Pharaoh was the god Horus, son of Re, the sun god. When a pharaoh died he was believed to be united with the sun and a new Horus ruled on earth. He owned Egypt. Not all of them were men, there were women Pharaohs as well like Cleopatra and Nefertiti. The word Pharaoh itself is not how the Egyptians addressed their King. Pharaoh comes from the Greek language and it is how the Hebrews and the Greek addressed the kings of Egypt.

For now, enjoy my painting and do try to visit Egypt at least once, in your life, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Want to know more about digital painting and how I created this beautiful piece? Check out my blog.

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