Beautiful, colorful, floral and divine. Truly nature's way of giving us a treat for sore eyes. But do we know that flowers have a much greater role than just standing there alone in your vases?

Few of us know about the medicinal properties flowers contain and if put to good use could benefit us nonetheless.

I'm going to just jump into the facts real quick:-


Truly one of my favorite flowers. It just looks so majestic, standing tall in a pond. All parts of a lotus are used for medicinal purposes. The leaves are used with other herbs to treat sunstroke, fever, diarrhoea, dysentery, dizziness, vomiting of blood, hemorrhoids. The whole plant is used as an antidote to mushroom poisoning. The seeds are used for high fever, cholera, nervous disorders and insomnia; the seeds to stop vomiting, relieve indigestion and diarrhoea. The petals are pounded to treat syphilis and the flower stalk with other herbs is used to treat uterine bleeding. The flowers are dried and used as seasoning. The stems of the lotus are used in salads. The seeds are roasted or candied and used in soups and sauces. Oils from the lotus flower are used in perfumes. The fragrance is said to bring in feelings of euphoria and heightened awareness.


This is one drop dead gorgeous flower. The variety of colors it comes in is just beautiful. I personally use rose petals to make rose water which I use as a natural toner as well just add rose petals to my bath for a luxurious feel. I used to chew rose petals as well or sprinkle them over my muesli. You can even flavor tea with rose petals. Just make regular black tea and add in rose petals allowing it to steep for at least 4 hours to overnight. have about 2-3 cups of this tea daily to relieve diarrhoea or menstrual cramps. Toast bread and slather on some nut butter. Top off with some rose petal. It smells divine before taking a bite. Mix it into your salad bowl as well. Rose petals are loaded with anthocyanins, which makes it anti-oxidant rich. They are also antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic. In case you have a small cut or nick, just hold two or three rose petals gently down on the cut. Make your own rose oil for healing. Take a glass jar and stuff it with rose petals. Pour olive oil or almond oil into the jar and fill it to capacity. Store this jar in a dark place for about 4-5 weeks. Strain the petals out and use this rose oil for dry skin or as a gentle makeup remover.


I used to call this my sunshine flower. I grew up with these flowers growing in abundance in our fields. These yellow and orange bunches of joy really liven up a dull room. Purify your blood with Marigold tea - Boil water and pour over about 2-3 teaspoons of marigold petals. Let it steep for about 15-20 minutes and consume this 2-3 times a day. Manage your acne and oily skin with a concoction made with few flower heads soaked in warm water. Apply this to your face and leave on for about 10 minutes and wash off. Treat burns with the same mixture as above. Gently dab the affected area with the liquid to fasten healing. The petals are even dried and used in cooking. Grind some petals along with neem leaves and coriander leaves. You can add some cucumber juice and oatmeal to make a paste-like consistency. Apply this to your face twice a week to get rid of acne spots. Reduce dandruff and itchiness of the scalp by grinding together the petals, some neem leaves, and beetroot juice. Mix in some coconut oil and apply to your scalp for about 15 minutes and wash off.


Really strong scent. Beautiful and white in color. Best seen in garlands or worn in the hair. Sores, itching, and wounds can be healed by applying the fresh juice from these flowers. The leaves of this plant, when chewed, can heal ulcers of the mouth. Put some of the flowers in some water and use this to wash your eyes to reduce redness and itching. Throw these flowers into your bathtub for a royal bath. Crush the flowers and mix in with coconut oil to rid of stretch marks and acne scars. Soak some flowers in water and use it as your final rinse in hair wash. It's a natural conditioner. Just smell a bunch of these flowers to naturally reduce stress and come out of depression.Jasmine soothes your nerves by relaxing the automatic nerve activity and reducing your heart rate. Having Jasmine with black, green or white tea along with a healthy diet and proper exercise will help you trim your fat since it increases metabolism.


Need a health boost? Dry out hibiscus petals and store. Add few of these petals to boiling water and steep for a bit. Have it warm with a dash of honey. Have this drink twice a week to control your cholesterol levels or more frequently, around 2-3 times a day to control your blood pressure. Having this drink also protects your liver and aids in weight loss since it prevents the absorption of fat. Target hair loss by adding a handful of hibiscus leaves and flowers to about 2 cups of extra virgin coconut oil. Warm this mixture for about 15 minutes and then strain and store. Massage this oil at night into your scalp and rinse off in the morning. Hibiscus is also a natural conditioner for soft and bouncy hair. Grind about 7-8 flowers along with some of the leaves. Add yogurt and honey and mix well. Apply this mask to damp hair and wash off after 30 minutes. You can use this mask few times a month.

These are just a few flowers, to begin with. I am sure by adopting these remedies, one can definitely benefit in the long run. Let me know what you think about it! For now, stay healthy and let Nature take its course in your life!

* These home remedies are not a substitute for your regular medication. Please consult your doctor if you have any medical concerns before trying them out or have any reaction to the same.

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