Noni Juice – Sounds familiar? I bet not. It's the latest power fruit in the market that even Miranda Kerr endorses. She apparently has this juice daily which gives her that flawless glowing skin.

What exactly is Noni juice?

It is juice which is derived from the fruit of an evergreen plant called Noni. This fruit is also known as Indian Mulberry or with the botanical name Morinda citrifolia. It mostly grows throughout the tropics including Southeast Asia, India, Fiji, Hawaii, Tahiti and northern Australia where it is sometimes called "cheese fruit".

Will it help me?

Noni has it's wide range of health benefits though many of them are yet to be 100% proven by science.

Noni as an Antioxidant - Noni juice has a tremendous amount of antioxidants which search for free radicals in the body and neutralize them.

Prevents Cancer - The anti-cancer properties of noni juice have been trusted by modern science. Many trials have suggested the cancer preventive properties of noni juice can assist in the prevention of cancers affecting the lungs, liver, and kidneys due to the abundance of antioxidant activity. Another study has proven noni juice to help in reducing the size of tumor growth in mammary glands.

Protects the Heart - Noni juice may prove beneficial in taking care of your heart. It has a vasodilating effect on the heart which helps in regulating your blood pressure. It also improves your lipid profile which is a strong marker for cardiovascular health.

May Cure Gout - Research supports the age-old practice of noni juice being used for curing gout and gout-like symptoms.

Relaxes your muscles - Consuming noni juice may help in relaxing your muscles. It assists in reducing muscle spasms and other pains associated with the same.

Never feel tired again! - Polynesians use this age-old juice to quickly relieve a tired body and improving their energy levels. Science backs this by showing how noni juice has an ergogenic potential to combat tiredness, improve endurance and increase overall physical performance.

Liver protection - This juice is also used for protecting the liver. Study shows it protects the liver from chronic exogenous chemicals and protects against liver damage.

Skin Care - Noni juice may prove to be your "go to" for that flawless complexion you have always wanted. Studies show that this juice is rich in anthraquinones which stimulates collagen and prevents wrinkles.

Noni juice also has fatty acids and a high concentration of proxeronine which tends to normalize abnormal cells and helps restore healthy skin.

Apart from the above, noni juice also boosts immunity, heals your body faster, helps in gastric problems, controls Diabetes, improves memory function, relieves Arthritis and has Anti-psychotic properties.

Where do I get it and How do I take it?

This juice is not as popular as your regular fruit juices however you can look for organic options available online.

If you do get your hands on a Noni fruit plant, the fruit needs to be picked before it gets ripe. Wash it thoroughly and let it dry in the sun for about 3-4 hours. The skin should look translucent and the fruit should smell bad. Put this fruit into a glass jar and let it sit out in the sun for about 7-8 weeks. The fruit will start fermenting and you will see the juices seeping through. Strain and squeeze the fruit and store the juice.

It is best had on an empty stomach, about 30 minutes before your breakfast. If you do not have any prevailing health conditions, 30-60 ml should be fine. If the smell is too unappealing, you can mix it with a little fruit juice or honey to make it more palatable.

The Verdict - Time will Tell

This is a fairly new fad that has begun in the market and I am sure over time there will be more research to back the beneficial properties of noni juice. Just a word of caution for people with high potassium to avoid this juice since it contains very levels of the same. Also, people with existing kidney/liver problems need to avoid this juice due to the high Potassium content. Noni has also been used in the past for causing abortions and hence pregnant women must avoid this juice at all costs.
For now, stay healthy and let Nature take its course in your life!

* These home remedies are not a substitute for your regular medication. Please consult your doctor if you have any medical concerns before trying them out or have any reaction to the same.

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